Superbowl 2014 recipe round-up

Hello, hello!

We’ve only got one day left until the finger food extravaganza that is the Super Bowl.

And for those of us in Syracuse, we’ve got a game day of our own today! I’ll be making Erin’s chicken wing dip (ORANGE) with blue corn chips (NAVY) for tonight’s dual.

This is no weekend for diets.

Who are you rooting for tomorrow? I’m rooting for Bruno Mars. His live performances always make me happy. He’d be like the best wedding singer ever.

Truly, I have no loyalty to either of the teams playing. On one hand, I quite liked John Elway growing up. On the other hand, I kind of want the Seahawks to win because I like seeing Richard Sherman fired up with victory. Either way, I’ll be eating and cocktail-ing and wishing I didn’t have to work on Monday.

Before the big game, though, you’ll find me in the kitchen. I’ve got a few snack ideas on tap. Here are some of the recipes that have stolen my snack food-loving heart through the internet:

Totchos Supreme. Tell me you’ve heard about the new “totcho” craze. They’re loaded up nachos made with tater tots instead of chips. I’ll go ahead and add these to my bucket list.

Pretzel dogs. I love these little things so much. I think these are going to have to be made tomorrow. It just wouldn’t be right to exclude them.

If those seem too daunting, these perfect pigs in a blanket are a great second option.

Spinach and artichoke dip. I’ve never made this! It’s one of my favorite dips and I think it’s time to attempt it’s cheesy gloriousness. I trust Adriana’s is absolutely fantastic with the addition of worcestershire.

Chicken taco meatballs with queso blanco dip. I MEAN.

Buffalo chicken sammies with blue cheese slaw. Ummmm, how did I never think of this? It’s like the sister to my barbecue-beer chicken sandwich with tangy apple slaw.

Spicy caramel bacon popcorn. I’ve made this twice. It is SPICY. You’ve been warned. It’s also addictive. Warned twice.

Crockpot sticky wings. Not too spicy. Fall-off-the-bone goodness.

Beer bread. To soak up the chili or whatever else you might be whipping up. So necessary.

These adorable mini potato skins. I’ve meant to make these like twenty times now. Maybe it’s time!

Hopefully that got your wheels turning and stomach growling a bit! Go team(s)!

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