gorgonzola biscuits and pinot noir butter

This post is going to be a bit finicky. Because my mom and I are a bit finicky.

I like gorgonzola. She doesn’t.

She likes* wine. I don’t.

I originally made these biscuits and butter to accompany the tomato soup I gifted my mother for Christmas. I thought the red wine, cheese, bread, and soup would embody a perfect meal. I overlooked the fact that the biscuits are swimming with the flavor of gorgonzola cheese. And more importantly overlooked the fact that my mom doesn’t like gorgonzola. Whoopsies!

I’m still blogging about these because I thought the biscuits were delicious and salty and cheesy and crumbly in the best possible way. I had to test one the day I made them so I topped mine with margarine and honey and it was absolutely scrumptious.

My mom on the other hand, only truly appreciated the wine butter. Who would’ve thought that her favorite drink and my favorite ingredient could marry so well? I think my mom also appreciated the half-full (or empty for you pessimists!) bottle of pinot I gave her on Christmas. I had used the rest to make the butter and I don’t like wine. I’m such a treat.

So, considering how much we liked the two components separately: If you like both wine and gorgonzola I bet these would be so great you might cry.

I’m just going to send you over to Jess, where I got the recipe in hopes you might make them and tell them that they taste great together. Otherwise, stay put and I’ll have a recipe everyone can enjoy next time.

*My mother’s “like” for wine should be specified. She proudly belongs to a fervent wine group and indulges in it almost every time she prepares dinner. Get it girl.

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