copycat cookie: congo bars

It’s ironic Erin mentioned a cookie concoction from Can You Stay for Dinner? in her post today, because that’s all I have to offer. Congo bars are Andie’s self-professed favorite cookie (which is a heavy declaration considering all the delicious cookie recipes she offers on the reg), but I have made them three times now and they deserve that title. They are scrumptious. They are what I bake whenever I want a reaction from someone. It could be for impressing the crowd at a Fourth of July party, wooing my friend with a last minute birthday treat because that special day crept up on me all too quickly (not that I did that), or in this case: manipulating my mother.

See, my mom is driving me crazy right now. She told me a couple weeks ago that we were getting a puppy. I’d have ignored it, but she went to visit the various litters of labradoodles she’d researched, and showed me the three puppies’ pictures online she was seemingly choosing from. Needless to say, I thought we were getting a puppy. Well, wouldn’t you?! Now, of course, she’s singing a different tune. I was told today that she is “fifty-percent sure” we are getting a dog. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? I should have forewarned you, readers (meaning Erin and maybe Spicer), that I love dogs (they already know that). Like I think maybe I should be a dog. I pet every dog I see. My friend (and future roommate) accuses that I cast a magical spell on dogs that makes them like me more than anyone else. It’s true… or they just can tell I’m in love with them and are too sweet to let me down. I’m also highly allergic… but that’s a different story. Why am I waffling on about dogs? I’m so sorry.

Our old dog loved me and my witchcraft. He was the man.

Anyway, my mom won’t get me a dog so I made her cookies as a secret way to get her to like me more. If she likes me more she’ll want to please me. And pleasing me= getting me a new dog. I really think I have a chance here; She’s just jaded because our dog that passed away last Winter despised her and acted accordingly. I thought I’d help her overcome her doggy indecision by baking cookies that have her favorite ingredients in them: chocolate (albeit white), nuts, and coconut. Dun, dun, dun… congo bars!

In this house we don’t believe in baked goods without a crunch.

Congo Bars

I’m not going to post the recipe because it’s not mine and I’m lazy. Here it is in all its original glory: Congo bars.

I strictly follow Andie’s (I pretend we’re friends) directions and stick to her preferred ingredients of white chocolate, toasted pecans, and sweetened coconut flakes.

On top of being absurdly delicious, these cookies are incredibly simple to make. Just beat the sugar and wet ingredients at room temperature until smooth, and gradually fold in the mixture of powder ingredients.

Next you’re ready for the fun stuff: adding in all your add-ins (omg).

Then stare at the bowl because it is breathtaking.

Here comes the hard part: finish the mixing and bake. And wait. Wait until it’s golden brown and cracking on the sides. Then, because you’ve already waited for them to cook and can’t imagine allowing them to cool, prematurely take them out of the pan causing them to rip across their middle.


Following your trusty logic, burn your tongue to satiate your craving for a while, let them cool, and admire them in an outdoor setting before devouring.

Or bribing your mother.

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